Welcome to Puget Sound Debtors Anonymous

If you are having problems with MONEY, DEBT, or UNDEREARNING, Debtors Anonymous can help. Debtors Anonymous is a Program of recovery from compulsive debting, spending, and under earning based on the suggested Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, revised and used by permission.

ANNOUNCEMENTS please announce at local area meetings:

Prosperous Life DA Tacoma will be conducting “Stepping Together” starting TUESDAY APRIL 21, and ending Tuesday, July 21. Every Tuesday for 14 weeks!

MEMBERS ONLY – PRG LIST: to be on this list, remove yourself or request a copy email prglist@dawashstate.org

For GROUP LITERATURE ORDERS please email IGLiteratureChair@dawashstate.org

PUGET SOUND D.A. INTERGROUP has the following positions open NOW:

-PSIG Special Events Chair
-Intergroup Reps from all meetings listed on our Find A Meeting Page

PLEASE NOTE: Monday 8am BDA meeting in Bellevue now SKYPE only. To join, call 425 802 6771

The August 2015 Northwest DA Conference website is now live http://www.northwestda.org/

April 15, 2016 will mark 40 years since John H. and another debtor met at a church in New York City for the first regularly scheduled Debtors Anonymous meeting.  It is never too early to start planning to celebrate D.A.’s 40th anniversary.  Consider what you, your meeting, your Intergroup or D.A. as a whole can do to honor this milestone for D.A.  Perhaps plan a fellowship day, old-timer’s panel, or other event.  
A full year of celebration will start on April 15, 2015.  Watch the D.A. Focus, Ways and Means, and D.A. website for stories about what other members, groups, and countries are doing.  Email your plans, ideas, or questions to DA40@debtorsanonymous.org.  It’s time to get the party started. 

INTERGROUP CONFERENCE CALL NUMBER is available for Intergroup members, if you would like to phone into on our monthly IG meetings!  Please Email info@dawashstate.org for the number and access code.

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